The Home Building Process at Innovative Building and Design

Getting Started

home-construction-benton-pennsylvaniaAt Innovative Building and Design, we know homeowners are looking for smarter homes that saves you money when you are building and saves you money throughout the life of your home. We embrace technology and a “systems” approach where engineered components are used to improve the on time efficiency of the building process.

Creating your new home is an exciting adventure!  We are committed to making your homebuilding experience enjoyable and rewarding with beautiful, state of the art, high-performance amenities. To help you know what to expect, and guide you through the process, check out this three phase easy-to-follow guide.

Phase 1

Decisions, decisions, decisions…

Choosing the location and style of your home are the first decisions you face in the homebuilding process. From community and lot selection, to the style and floor plan of your home, the research and decisions at this phase set the stage for what will be your completed home.

We can provide any information you need to help with these important decisions.

During Phase I, you can expect to:

  • Choose your home site or lot
  • Place a deposit
  • Create your home design
  • Finalize your floor plan and budget
  • Secure financing
  • Sign contract commitment

For every custom home or addition we offer access to many designs and ideas. From there, we invite you to move a wall, add a sunroom — turn our ideas into a home that is completely yours!

Visiting your new home site

You are invited to visit the building site at any time. Please follow any posted safety guidelines.

Phase 2

Details, details, details…

Once we have your home design and location finalized, your home begins to materialize—on paper and through a series of design meetings that you have with our ASID-certified design professional and select contractors.

To prepare for these meetings, we encourage you to compile a portfolio of home features that help us visualize the look and style you want to achieve for your home.

  • Blueprints and permits
  • Home decor selections
  • Appliances and lighting
  • Landscape selections
  • Final sign-off on details

Your walk-through

Shortly before closing on your new home, you will conduct a “walk-through” with your builder. This is your opportunity to request any final changes or “touch-ups” before you close on the home.

Phase 3


Once all of the design features and blueprints are approved with your sign-off, and permits are received, construction begins! Home construction typically follows this progression:

  • Stake land and excavate ( Use slide presentation as on old site)
  • Set Foundation
  • Framing
  • Roofing
  • Windows Installed
  • Electrical
  • Plumbing
  • Insulation
  • Drywall
  • Flooring
  • Cabinetry
  • Finishing touches

Time to move in

Congratulations! You now own a custom home by Innovative Building & Design.


From Our Customers

Construction of my first home was completed by Innovative Building & Design, Inc., Benton. The reputation they have in the building industry made the decision to choose them a very easy one for me. Throughout the project, the staff at Innovative Building & Design, Inc. was courteous, kind and very helpful. The quality of their workmanship was superior and my home came out more beautiful than I ever could have imagined.
– Donald Kinney